Renovation and Kitchen Extension

Once a damp stables, this was a re-build from the inside out, with the aim to create a home that is super insulated and yet can breathe, lime plastered walls and eco paints. Rich engineered oak flooring, oak trim and set in the great height of the pitched roof a bespoke kitchen that doubled up as a workshop style bench. This home is a perfect little shoe box where every detail was considered.


"Having now lived for nearly three years in my property, which was totally refurbished and extended by Amly, I could not be more pleased. I have happy memories of the building process. Alex guided me through the many choices that had to be made, referring me to good suppliers. Josh and Sebastian ensured that the workmanship was of the highest quality in every detail. Three years on and the house shows no sign of wear. No shrinkage in the plastering and no flaking of the paint! My home is a joy."

Frieda Boyd